Resounding Earth

Beyond East Meets West Towards a New World of Art and Thought

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“The resonant sounds of the bells created such vivid sounds that one could almost imagine seeing the sound waves moving through the air and bouncing off of one another.” – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Generations of Western musicians, artists and thinkers have looked to the East, but how has the East/West dialogue transformed as the world grows smaller and distant cultures are only a YouTube click away? Featuring the music of Augusta Read Thomas, John Cage, and Guo Wenjing and collaborative partnership opportunities with cultural studies, East Asian studies, divinity and theology departments, and more.

Internationally-acclaimed composer Augusta Read Thomas wrote Resounding Earth for Third Coast Percussion, collecting over 125 bells from around the world to create a beautiful and completely unprecedented sound world. Burmese spinning bells, Indian “Noah” bells, Japanese rin (“singing bowls”), Thai gongs, and many, many more bells and bell-sounds from around the world are brought together on a single stage to create a powerful new work by one of the most sought-after composers working today.

“[Thomas’s music] explodes with an extroverted boldness of utterance audiences and musicians alike find challenging yet immediate. It’s music that doesn’t sound like anybody else’s—music that insists you pay attention.” -John von Rhein, The Chicago Tribune

JOHN CAGE Third Construction
AUGUSTA READ THOMAS Resounding Earth (TCP commission)

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