Educational Performances

A direct connection with audiences of all ages is at the core of Third Coast Percussion’s work.

Education is a key pillar of the organization’s mission. All four ensemble members have a background as educators, and share a passion for teaching. As a leading professional percussion ensemble, Third Coast is uniquely positioned to offer interactive hands-on learning experiences for a wide range of students and community members. From grade school to grad school, Third Coast Percussion has your music education needs covered.

Think Outside the Drum

Think Outside the Drum

A fun, interactive, and educational presentation for all ages.

Introducing the Building Blocks of Music

  • Performances by Third Coast Percussion are interspersed with teaching moments that introduce the building blocks of music (rhythm, melody, and timbre) through active participation in a series of interactive activities including clapping, singing, and a listening game.
  • Students learn about the extraordinary range of percussion instruments that can be found in cultures around the world, as well as in their own kitchen cabinets.
  • Think Outside the Drum is ideal for audiences ranging in age from pre-school to 6th Alternative versions of the program are suited for 7th grade to 12th grade students. The program is also well suited for all-ages family audiences.
  • Any size audience can be accommodated.



An interactive educational presentation exploring the scientific and musical properties of sound waves.

The WAVES program (Wonder, Arts, Vibration, Engineering, Science) is an interactive educational presentation exploring the scientific and musical properties of sound waves. The four members of Third Coast Percussion perform music, teach students about the sound waves using app-based technology and video projections, then pass out custom-designed percussion instruments to all audience members and teach the audience to perform a piece of music together with Third Coast Percussion.

WAVES is an educational program designed for 3rd-6th grade students. Audience size for each performance is limited to a maximum of 150 students.

The custom-designed percussion instruments used by the audience were designed and fabricated by students and faculty at the University of Notre Dame’s College of Engineering, led by Professor Jay Brockman, the Associate Dean of Community Engagement and Experiential Learning. Learn more about these custom-designed instruments – click here.

TCP ensemble member Peter Martin composed the music that the audience performs with Third Coast Percussion. To learn more about how the music was composed, and how the musical composition led the instrument design process, click here.

If you are interested in learning more about the WAVES presentation or are interested in hosting a performance of WAVES with Third Coast Percussion, click here.

Music Composition Project

Music Composition Project

A multi-day residency that teaches creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration through music composition.

Over 4 days, TCP leads band and orchestra students through a process of creating musical content out of whatever musical vocabulary they’ve built on their own instruments, then assembling these musical “building blocks” into a new piece, exercising teamwork, active listening, and reflection along the way.

Each cycle of this program will culminate in the premiere of a new work composed by the student ensemble, performed by the students and Third Coast Percussion

The Music Composition Project is ideal for students with some musical background, but students do not have to read standard Western musical notation. This program was designed to give young students a creative outlet at a time when their instruction is primarily focused on learning their instrument and learning to perform music written by other people.

The project can be presented by TCP as a special project which adds a layer of inspiration and creativity to the solid fundamental music instruction that students are already receiving.

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